TastyTaste has a big hate-on for Pink Horrors

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TastyTaste has a big hate-on for Pink Horrors

Post  Lore Weaver on Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:19 pm


He's dished on 'em once, now twice.

They're definitely different than before, but what he's failing to notice is that their power doesn't go down when they start dying (10-1 man units, at least), and with a loci, they have S6 shooting at a volume that could be effective against fliers.

At S6 AP4, that's some quality anti-horde shooting, even T4 opponents. If you're handing over FnP, chances are, the unit's almost dead anyway.

Having played several games with the horrors now, I've noticed a few things.

1) Their target dies
2) Their target dies after failing their granted 6+ FnP from the previous turn
3) My opponent says to themselves, "Hey, that unit puts out a lot of shots and has a guy casting divination in there, I should kill them" -- and they get focused to death.

I'm still a big fan of the Pink Horrors. At 9 points a model, the 10-man unit is a steal. I don't think I'd take a 20-man unit, I might try it once or twice (to get the 4D6 shots), but being that the power level can go down with the amount of casulties taken doesn't appeal to me. 6-10 man units seems like a good idea, for the low-low cost of 540 points. Even 4-10 man units with attached heralds seems like a better plan. (for 360 points).

90 points for 10-wounds of 2D6 24" range heavy bolter shots with a 40% armour save.... if they go-to-ground in area terrain (3+) that's a 78% armour save, if they go-to-ground in ruins (2+) that's a 97% save. Only real way to dislodge them is close-combat. For 90 points. 90 Points. I would take 10 pink-horrors over 15 nekkid ork boys EVERY TIME. I would take 10 pink-horrors over 5 marines with a plasma gun. It's 90 points! They do a lot of things for 90 points.

Think of all the threat overload you could put in a list where you spent 360 points on 4 scoring units. Lord of Change, 2 Daemon Princes, 2 Soul Grinders, 9 screamers? That's a 1500 point list of kick-you-in-the-nuts awesomeness.

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