Daemon Theory Observations

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Daemon Theory Observations

Post  Lore Weaver on Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:36 am

A couple of things I've been thinking about that are semi-random and related to Daemons.


Is this cool?

A Burning Chariot, at 100pts, can take a 20pts of Rewards. So for 10pts, the Exalted Flamer can grab a Staff of Change, making it S6 AP4 with the S5 explosion if it kills a character. He's got three attacks on his profile. He could also do S6 chariot sweeps (like a Necron Surfboard lord) with to-hit rolls of 6 being precision (as he's a character.... actually, that kinda makes his D3 lascannon shots cool too).


The Soulgrinder is a fantastic illustration of how massively overpriced and shitty a Defiler is.

For 135+30 points, you get a Khorne Marked Soulgrinder with a Battle Cannon Equivalent, and a 3 shot Skyfire (or not) Autocannon. Instead of 12/12/10 and 4 hullpoints, like the defiler, it's 13/13/11 and 4 hullpoints.

How is this not better in every conceivable way, and yet, still cheaper. It comes in at cheaper if you add a Warpsword even. Isn't a defiler like 225 points!? Terrible.

That said, I think Soulgrinders are amazing. (but haven't played them)


I've had fun playing my small unit of Screamers. They're interesting and fun, a nice little distraction, and generally quick. When they turbo boost, their save works out to ~59% Nice. One thing I haven't done yet though, is prescience them before they charge into combat. If you're going to be hitting a Landraider or some terminators, being able to re-roll to hit rolls is kindof a big deal, when you only get 1 attack per screamer at S5 AP2.

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Re: Daemon Theory Observations

Post  Rhaevyn on Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:45 am

Soulgrinders are what Defilers want to be when they grow up.
Seems like i was crazy like a fox when i bought soul grinders to counts-as defilers for 5th. now i have Soul grinders to ally in cuz they are straight up better.

Before 6th, i chalked this up to army balance. defilers were worse and cost more because the daemon codex cost more and was less efficient in other slots. But arguments like that mean little in a world of allies. You dont have to pay all those taxes if your taking allies. I think this applies to really good units in general. vedettas, helldrakes. : anything thats really good for its points. =x

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