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Post  dusktiger on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:12 pm

more a review, i suppose than a sneak peek. this is the guy that makes those marker tokens some of you have seen me use. Battlemarkers

these are about the size of the metal button pins we'd get as a kid, and the prices average from $5 for a full psychic discipline, to $29 for a full army set of markers (space wolves being the most costly, smurfs were $23)

to give an idea on some of the sets, here's some of the screenshots of some of the kits:

space wolf set $29:

generic space marine set $23:

ultramarine version of the same set $23:

imperial guard set $21:

then there's similar sets for Sisters of Battle, Eldar, Orks, Tyranids, Necrons. Chaos marines have so many that he's separated them by what they are; there's chaos boon sets where you can choose the logo in the background to be that of your chosen god, weapon markers, unit upgrades (like veterans of the long war, etc). those range from $16 to $8.

there's also sets for Mysterious Water, Trees, and Objectives. these sell at $9 each set:

there's also a set for the BRB warlord traits table, which i ordered this week, and each of the codices that have their own warlord traits chart currently have a set for their charts as well. those run about $5.

another one i thought was neat was for the necron guys using entropic strike units:

also comes in red if green's not your thing:

there's also the standard mission marker set:

he also just released a terrain marker set for keeping track of the cover saves, etc everything gives during a game:

some of its really handy stuff for keeping track of things that change or happen only for a turn, like popping smoke launchers, hull points left, wounds on a character, tau markerlights, reanimation protocols, various things we usually have little dice marking on the board. its super handy having something that tells you why its there instead of forgetting why you had dice sitting there, and which meant what.

from what i can tell on his blog and on the store, if you request a specific design or type of marker, he'll design them, as some of the sets on his store were requests people have made for.

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