dark angels wishlisting

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dark angels wishlisting

Post  Roland on Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:16 am

SwordThings that haven't been rumored but I'd love to see.

Chapter tactics (hunt the fallen): pick an enemy character. Either they have something linked to the fallen (even inadvertently) or are one of the fallen. (Use bjorns rules or similar)

Deathwing aren't troops, but only require an Hq in termie armour to unlock them.

Ditto for ravenwing sqds.

Ravenwing special rule: skilled rider and +1 to jink saves.

Bike squads and speeders are same cost as codex, pay to upgrade to ravenwing.

Something for plasma. Not twinning like vulkan, too powerful. Maybe reroll failed armor saves?

Heavenfall blades: ap2 relic blades, only available as a sword

Asmodai's blades: poisoned (4+) power sword. Possibly conclusive?

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