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FW Legion Combo Kits

Post  dusktiger on Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:48 pm

so FW just came out with some combo kits to let people build up their armies faster.

they came out with a "tactical squad pack" in MK2, 3, and 4. you get enough of that mk of armor to make 30 dudes, including 30 bolters, and the command upgrade kit, which holds 2 nuncio vox's, 2 legion vexillas, 2 nuncio vox helmets, and 2 sergeant helmets. HH tactical squads dont get special or heavy weapons, they're bolter-only dudes, but get a special rule for their bolters to make up for it. basically a 1st rank fire, 2nd rank fire type thing with a drawback.

comes out to 160 Stirling. saves you 20 sterling from buying them individually.

they also released a "Contemptor Talon" set, which gives 2 normal bodies, 1 relic body, 3 sets of fists, a Multi Melta, a Heavy Bolter, and a Kheres Assault Cannon. it's 120 Stirling. again, 20 Stirling in savings.

in Canadian $'s, that's $288 for 30 tactical marines, $192 for the dread talon. bought on their own, it's $320 and $224 respectively.

there's also kits for the Cataphractii terminator armor, giving 20 termies, 1 kit comes with power fists, the other with chain/power axes. just a guess here, but im gonna say it's a 20 Stirling savings as well. it's 176 Stirling for the combo kit.

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