FS or Trade Macragge Tyranids

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FS or Trade Macragge Tyranids

Post  Shavaar on Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:09 pm

Battle for Macragge Tyranids off sprue,
some primed black, some assembled, none painted

18 Genestealers - one model has a broken off hand but can be glued back on
29 Termagants
23 Spore Mines

3 Hive Nodes
9 Infestation Markers

Would love to get the following for these guys,
Ork Vehicles, bikes, Shoota boys
Space Marine Vehicles, bikes, skimmers, drop pod,
Necron - destroyers, scythes, vehicles
will consider other trades from these three armies as well as a softcover rulebook (latest)
Cash - I don't know. GW website "new" as a guideline? Is this unreasonable? Not sure how much bugs have changed? since Macragge??? I know the hive nodes and infestation markers do not show up on GW.

Call me if interested 249-4631 or email valpritchard at shaw dot ca

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