Lord on Barge Q+A

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Lord on Barge Q+A

Post  Spamus Eatus on Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:48 pm

A couple questions for people regarding a lord on a barge just to make sure I'm reading the roolz right:

Barge is an opentop transport(chariot)
Passengers can fire at separate targets from the transport
Under "assaulting with chariots" it states that the chariot makes the charge

The chariot can fire its weapon at a target, while the lord fires a tachyon arrow at a separate target.
When charging, you must charge what the chariot shot at.

Does Anrakyr benefit from furious charge and counter attack while embarked on a barge? (No on FC on a sweep attack, but I can't find anything pertaining to chariot charges)
Mind in the machine can now be used while embarked, correct?
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Re: Lord on Barge Q+A

Post  Lore Weaver on Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:10 pm

Anrakyr does benefit from Furious Charge and Counter Attack while on a chariot.

Anrakyr CAN NOT use Mind in the Machine on a Chariot (I can't remember where exactly this was mentioned again, maybe the new FAQ, but the wording is akin to "Any non-shooting Psychic Power or Ability that requires LOS cannot be used while embarked on a transport."

Being that Anrakyr's doing the charging, you'd be assaulting whatever Anrakyr shot his time's arrow at.
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