painting pale skin (raven guard scout marine example)

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painting pale skin (raven guard scout marine example)

Post  dusktiger on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:09 pm

this tutorial was originally posted on From the Warp, by username: Ron

this is a really simple method that involves a lot less than most people think. It's just one color (a light, cool grey) and two washes, Ogryn Flesh (now called Reikland Fleshshade) and Devlan Mud (now called Agrax Earthshade). Here's the process.

1. Prime. I did this one in black like I did the others for consistency.

2. Basecoat with the light grey. You want a nice, smooth and consistent finish with this coat.

3. Liberal wash with undiluted Ogryn Flesh over the face.

4. Go back with the grey and pick out the raised areas of the face.

5. Slightly thinned (50/50) wash with Devlan Mud over the face.

6. Go back with the grey and pick out the highlights.

That's it.
Like I said, if you've got a good, smooth basecoat and you take your time working with the grey, you'll have some really nice transitions on the face and plenty of detail.

When I'm working with the grey, I thin it down ever so slightly so that it takes two coats to get it back to pure grey when I paint over another color. Make sure your final highights are that pure grey too.

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