Raptors and other crap

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Raptors and other crap

Post  System Commander on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:40 pm

I like BOLS new rumour post about raptors and thousand sons.. Basically stating useless facts about them.

However, over at Faeit 212's blog.. They have some details about the new raptors.. Warp Talons.. And some stuff abput the defiler, new daemon engine (can fire 3 ap2 blast shots) and some rules about a new gun, hades cannon. Its a heavy 4 str 8 gun and it says thats what the dragon and daemon engines get as a base gun.

So, for the dragon that sounds reasonable.. Will 2 buther cannns be an upgrade? Who knows.. Its also bizarre that a buther cannon is the same as a Hades.. Both str 8 hvy 4. Somethings wonky unless i missed the hades in twinlinked or smething.

Hurry up book.. Im tired of trolling for scraps of info.
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