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IA Aeronautica changes

Post  dusktiger on Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:18 am

so i got my hands on a copy of IA: Aeronautica (2012) and was reading some of the entries. they changed some point values, mainly drops, couple went higher, and they altered little things here and there. here's the summary for space marines:

the land raider helios now has a hyperios variant, where its +20pts and its got the hyperios missiles instead, making it a 280pt LR instead of 260pts.

the whirlwind hyperios dropped down to 95pts. was around 120pts before. and its hyperios missile launcher is twin-linked. the helios is not twin-linked.

the Hyperios missile launcher has a new profile. it's a Krak Missile essentially, 48" range, Str 8; AP 3; Heavy 1, Interceptor, Skyfire, Heat Seeker. you can use this vs ground targets now. its not AA only. this means it's a 95pt tank with a twin-linked krak missile that can hit flyers on a 3+. the Heat Seeker rule lets you re-roll failed to-hits vs flyers and fast skimmers.
note: Skyfire lets you shoot with full BS vs flyers and skimmers. Interceptor allows Skyfire weapons shoot at ground targets at normal BS (if it doesnt have interceptor, a skyfire weapon snapfires at ground targets.) Interceptor also gives you the auto to auto-fire fire on an enemy model that enters from reserves. the price is that when it's 'your' turn, that weapon can't fire that turn. takes time to reload the gun afterall.

Land Speeder tempests dropped 10pts and became 110pts each, and can now be taken in squadrons like other speeders. these are speeders with front armor 11, and have Armored cockpit - ignores crew shaken/stunned results on a 4+, and also come with Extra Armor. they can choose to do "Afterburner". once its declared, until the owner says otherwise, the tempest moves like a flyer, but cant fire any of its weapons. if one tempest in the squad activates it, they all have to enter that mode together.

mortis contemptor dreadnoughts were also altered; they had their rear armor dropped from 11 to 10, and they can no longer sport a pair of plasma cannon arms.

the chaos flyers got changed as well and are now both normal 40k fast attack models. the fighter dropped from 130 to 115, and the bomber went from 135 to 185.

now this is an odd thing i noticed in the book; the fighter has 2 reaper autocannons, and it describes these as the chaos codex does; 36" range, str 7, ap4.
the bomber however, states it has a fuselage-mounted reaper autocannon, and describes it as having a 48" range, not 36".

i've been compiling a pdf file thats easy to read on my ipad since currently none of the FW books have digital copies. here's the link to the file so far if you guys wanna look at the changes in the new aeronautica book: http://www.scribd.com/doc/105274117/IA-Aeronautica

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