loth and honor guard, and MK4 assault squads

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loth and honor guard, and MK4 assault squads

Post  dusktiger on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:40 am

i ordered a set of these and they arrived for the long weekend.

the loth and honor guard is a beautifully detailed set of models. there's lots of detail and the models look impressive in person, even with just a neutral grey primer on them so far. the banner however had a couple small bubbles form on the skulls that edge the banner rod that holds up the fabric. sevrin himself is extremely detailed. all the painted on details on the site are actually molded onto him. even the lightning on the axe, down to the itty bitty arcs that reach out to the blade edge.

overall, good kit.

the MK4 assault marines were a different story. the design is awesome, meshes well with both mk4 and mk5 armor, and the new tartoros pattern terminators (they need a full assault variant for that kit). downside was a fair bit of 'finecast' errors. most of the belts were buggered badly. thankfully they send ammo pouches, empty pistol holsters, and grenades that when glued on, covered all of this. the neck guards had a few flaws too. but i think i hid most of it between helmet and shoulder pad placement hopefully. couple of you with really good eyes might catch it if looking for it though.

apart from this first bag's flaws, another great looking kit.

if you want to cheat and make this squad for cheaper, you could easily use the sanguinary guard packs minus the wings, and any mk4/mk5 mix of the tactical marines, as none of these guys have running poses. the mk5 tacticals looks more of a charging dynamic pose than these do. they look more like they're waiting for the signal to jump into action.

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