6th edition, the edition of... comunication?

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6th edition, the edition of... comunication?

Post  judchic on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:01 pm

So I've only had a few games so far of 6th but I'm noticing something I wonder if others are noticing. The games seem more cinematic but with the options of some units/list that range from hard to near impossible to win for other lists, does it seem more worth it now to make sure you know what kind of game your opponent wants to have?

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Re: 6th edition, the edition of... comunication?

Post  Roland on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:32 pm

Very. I daresay it might be beneficial to let people know what you are taking ("I'll be Orks w/ guard allies" "ok I'll be Chaos Marines w/ Daemons") and tweak your list SLIGHTLY (maybe a few more flamers, he's playing orks.)

I'd also recommend "playing as intended" If your Termie Libby and Thunder-nators assaults the other dudes Chaos Lord and Terminator Chosen..... HQ on HQ. Its a lot of fun. I played Ian tonight and Belail challenged his allied capt (2 LC, nothing else) and they went mano y mano for about 5 round. He had a lot more attacks, but I only had to make 2+ armor saves rather than 4+ invuls.

You're playing to win, but you're also telling a story. What fun is it to say your Warlord challenged his opponents Sgtm while his comrades killed your opposing leader thru shear numbers?

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