2013 release schedule

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2013 release schedule

Post  dusktiger on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:57 am

found this on bolter. its the rumoured release schedule for june 2013 and onwards. there was a quote of what all the numbers and codes mean, i've made it easier to read by just rewriting it and color coding everything by race. i was going to resort them as well, but i think the order is important; it could be a sign of what models get released together in whatever intervals these clusters are supposed to represent. im guessing months.

Space Marines
Imperial Guard
06 Chaos Marines
Dark Eldar
Chaos Daemons
Sisters of Battle

Originally appeared on theonering.net along with The Hobbit scheduled releases. The list below has been edited to only include 40k related releases;
General consensus is that it may be pretty legit and someone at GW HQ will be in serious trouble.

Imperial Agents Enforcer with Heavy Stubber (Resin) [character packs]
Kroot Kroothawks (Resin) [character packs]
Cult Hybrid Upgrade Pack Plastic
Patriarch Dumas, The Veiled Fiend (Resin) [character packs]
Sisters of Battle Canoness with Power Axe (Resin) [character packs]
Sisters of Battle Seraphim / Patronica Squad Plastic
Sisters of Battle Battle Sisters Plastic
Sisters of Battle Exorcist / Catafalque of Sins Plastic

Imperial Agents Obsideo Assassin (Resin) [character packs]
Imperial Agents Deathwatch Kill Team (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Imperial Agents Deathwatch Librarian (Resin) [character packs]
Sisters of Battle Prioress Lazarea Verata (Resin) [character packs]
Sisters of Battle Sister Superior Magdalenia (Resin) [character packs]
Sisters of Battle Repentia Squad (Resin) [resin blister pack]

288 Harlequin Solitaire (Resin) [character packs] [/color]
283 Cabal Tarellian Cotor with Dragontongue (Resin) [resin blister pack] [/color]
283 Cabal Alpha Psyker (Resin) [character packs] [/color]
282 Mechanicus Battle-Servitors / Khorne Caedes Engines Plastic
287 Freebooters Ogreen Kaptain (Resin) [character packs] [/color]
285 Cypher (Resin) [character packs] [/color]

Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform Plastic
Tau Empire Mako Plastic
Commander Farsight (Resin) [resin blister pack]
Tau Empire Vespid Stingwings / Vespid Spinewings Plastic

The Avatar of Khaine (Resin) [larger resin blister pack]
Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts Plastic
Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears Plastic
Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard Plastic
Eldar Black Warden (Resin) [character packs]
Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister (Resin) [character packs]

Eldar Eldritch Raiders Plastic
Eldar Webway Gate Plastic
Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper Plastic
Eldar Spirit Warrior Plastic
Eldar Dragon Riders Plastic

Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch (Resin) [character packs]
Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch (Resin) [character packs]
Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch (Resin) [character packs]
Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch (Resin) [character packs]
The Avatar of the Young King (Resin) [character packs]

Chaos Bike Squadron Plastic
Chaos Noise Marines Plastic
Chaos Thousand Sons Plastic
White Dwarf 5 (Resin) [character packs]

Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Defence Wall Plastic
Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Tower / Pillar of Heroes Plastic
Space Marine Astartes Battle Fortress Monastery Plastic

Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber Plastic
Eldar Jetbikes Plastic
Eldar Warlock with Force Staff (Resin) [character packs]
Eldar Swooping Hawks (Resin) [larger resin blister pack]

Space Marine Land Avenger (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Space Marine Praetor Warmachine (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Space Marine Bike Squadron / Crusader Bike Squadron (Plastic) [plastic vehicle squadron]
Space Marine Skyshatter Cannon (Resin) [resin blister pack]
Space Marine Terminator First Hand (Resin) [character packs]
Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack (Resin) [character packs]

Space Marine Neophytes (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Space Marine Techmarine with Artificer Squad (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Space Marine Sword Brethren / Nightflame Veteran Squad (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Space Marine Librarian Epistolary (Resin) [character packs]
Paladin Marshall Sieghelm (Resin) [character packs]

Space Marine Land Avenger Vulkan / Land Avenger Invictus (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Space Marine Bionics Upgrade Pack (Resin) [upgrade pack]
Space Marine Defender Upgrade Pack (Resin) [upgrade pack]
Iron Father Maalthun (Resin) [character packs]
Chapter Master Tu’Shan (Resin) [character packs]
Severus Agemman, Regent of Ultramar & 1st Co. Captain (Resin) [character packs]
Helveticus the Ancient, Bearer of Honour (Resin) [character packs]

Ork Warbuggy / Deff Racer (Plastic) [plastic, small, single vehicle kit]
Ork Wartrakk Skorcha / Flakk Trakk (Plastic) [plastic, small, single vehicle kit]
Ork Deff Koptas (Plastic) [plastic vehicle squadron]
Wazzdakka Gutsmek (Resin) [character packs]

Dark Eldar Grotesque Squad (Resin) [larger resin blister pack]

Imperial Guard Storm Troopers / Iron Cloak Veterans (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Imperial Guard Hydra (Plastic) [medium single vehicle: rhino-size]
Bloodthirster (Plastic) [medium single vehicle: rhino-size]
Lord of Change (Plastic) [medium single vehicle: rhino-size]
Chaos Daemons Warp Stalkers / Chaos Furies (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]

Ork Flying Fortress / Rokk Launcha (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Ork Gun Fortress / Mega Tellyporta (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Ork Flash Gitz / Tellyporta Nobz (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Ork Meganobz / Painboy Cyborks (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Ork Warphead (Resin) [character packs]

Ork Klan Fort (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]
Ork Boar Squigs (Resin) [resin blister pack]
Ork Squiggotaur (Resin) [larger resin blister pack]

Ork Big Guns / Pulsa Launchas (Plastic) [plastic vehicle squadron]
Ork Painboy with Cleava Harness (Resin) [character packs]
Ork Grot Nurses (Resin) [character packs]
Gorbuzz ThreeEye (Resin) [character packs]
Gritlegg Maksmesh (Resin) [character packs]
Boss-Kommissa Grotzki (Resin) [character packs]

Space Marine Scouts with Astartes Grenade Launchers (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Space Marine Gale Claw Supremacy Fighter (Plastic) [plastic vehicle squadron]
Space Marine Space Marine Tactical Squad (Plastic) [standard squad size kit]
Space Marine Land Raider Medusa (Plastic) [large single vehicle/building: land raider-size]

Great Unclean One (Plastic) [medium single vehicle: rhino-size]
Keeper of Secrets (Plastic) [medium single vehicle: rhino-size]

now that they're all color coded, you can see trends of what's getting a heavy wave of new models. so we'll either see suppliments to those armies, or new codices around the time each of those waves hit. so looks like the sisters get some serious love, followed by eldar, then marines, and then orks. remember this is starting approx. june of next year, so we have no idea what's being released between now and the next 10 months to when this list supposedly kicks in.

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Re: 2013 release schedule

Post  Roland on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:59 am

This is the release schedule thru 2013 from Harry @ Warseer: Dates are my guesses:

CSM (Sept '12)
Dark Angels (Nov '12?)
Tau (Jan '13?)
Sisters (June '13?)
Eldar (Aug '13?)
SM (Oct '13?)

Note that everyting from Tau on lines up with the leaked model list. Orks are likely after SM. Reading between the lines.... I think BT are being folded back in with Vanilla.

I'm a little concerned on a personal level, 4/7 codexes over the next year are armys I've built, am building, or were next in line. My wallets gonna hurt...

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Re: 2013 release schedule

Post  Deadlytoaster on Sun Aug 12, 2012 8:12 pm

Just give me the Eldar models!!! And they better look awesome!


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Re: 2013 release schedule

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