~Genestealer Cults list!~

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~Genestealer Cults list!~

Post  Paz on Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:15 pm

Thats right guys, thanx to the release of the new vampire counts plastic ghouls (who will make perfect hybrids!) Ive decided to finally go ahead and start my Genestealer cult army! Last summer, Darren of Dragons den brought out a bunch of citadel journals, and gave them away, as they were taking up space. I managed to snag the chapter approved codex Genestealer cults and appendix journals!! So heres my list, 1499 pts.


Genestealer Patriarch-145pts
-genestealer bodyguard (5)
-cult limousine

Cult Magus -159pts
-Power weapon
--Plasma pistol
-carapace armour
-frag Grenades
-Brood brother initiates bodyguard (10)
-plasma guns x2

Genestealer Brood-160pts

Genestealer Brood-160pts

Genestealer Hybrid squad-260pts=these guys have 3 attacks each base plus ws 4 for 12 pointsa pop!
(all neophytes)
-flamer x1
-leader (carapace armor, power weapon)
-frag grenades
-cult truck= Nine armour all the way around? hells yeah!

Brood brother initiate infiltration squad-177pts
-neophyte with leader cc weapons
-pistols and cc weapons
-grenade launcher
-cult relic
-special rule= infiltrate!

Brood Brother comrades squad-141pts
-neophyte, leader
-lascannon team
-frag grenades

Brood Brother comrades squad-141pts
-neophyte, leader
-lascannon team
-frag grenades

Stolen Leman Russ-165pts
-battle cannon
-hull mounted Heavy bolter
-heavy bolter side sponsons

I doubt I'll be winning many, if any games with these dudes, but tis gunna be a dream come true to run them, For the all-father!
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Re: ~Genestealer Cults list!~

Post  Administratum on Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:52 pm

The gene stealer cult army sounds super cool. Ivan has talked about it lots, hes obsessed with pulling up in a Limo and dropping the hurt. I think the list would be a dream to convert. As to the effectiveness its hard to comment because i do not know the staline of anything.
Also, depending on how long ago the chapter approved was written the army may or may not be legal, if that matters.

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