6th edition allies

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Re: 6th edition allies

Post  Deadlytoaster on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:36 pm

From my understanding the way it works is for allies you need a minimum 1 HQ and 1 troop. after that its 0-1 for all other choices of the allied force. Im not sure if there is a points cap. After looking at July's white dwarf battle report both allied forces appear to be around the 650 pts ball park (the other guy included the fortifications/bastions they purchased in their list) which is more than 25% but less than 30% so who knows what the figure is exactly, looking like 1/3rd is possible.

And if anyone is curious heres a link to let you know what races can ally with which. http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?catId=&categoryId=§ion=&pIndex=0&aId=22400024a&start=1&multiPageMode=true

Also note that even though there are some wonky combos that the most "likely" alliances are near the top of the lists and they get farther and farther away from "regular allies".

There will be graduations in alliance levels and that will likely vary what you can share. Though so far i think the only thing we can assume will be shared is psychic powers as GW has already stated in the WD that the allies system allows you to take a psycher for your force you would not normally be able to, like Tau. (though whether or not the psychic powers have to affect the psychers "allied" units or if they can affect anyone in the force is unclear so far). Only a few more days until the book comes out and i for one am excited.

I was skeptical/concerned before but the more i've learnt about it the less concerned i am. Plus we havent yet seen the checks and balances that im sure are in place. The rules will always be open to abuse but i see allies as a wonderful way grow fluff for your army as well as collect models and possibly start another force alongside your main which for me is great as i love playing games but paint slowly so being able to play with my new models as i collect and paint them instead of being forced to play small games only is great!


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Re: 6th edition allies

Post  dusktiger on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:21 am

yea, there's 4 tiers;

Battle Brothers - these allies are truly friends and benefit from
each other's Universal Special Rules, psychic powers, and everything,
they act
as one force.

Allies of Convenience - these allies will fight together if they have a
common foe, they do not get to benefit from each others USR or powers,
and in effect act as independent armies on the table.

Desperate Allies - these allies only fight in dire straights and gain no
benefit from each other. you must roll a d6 at the start of the turn. if the roll is failed, your
allies do nothing for the turn as they are too busy eyeballing you for betrayal.

Not Before the Apocalypse
- these armies listed here can never be allies.

So, if you can ally, you get an allied detachment of:

- 1 HQ (not a Named IC)
- 1 Troop
- 1 Troop
- 1 Elite
- 1 Fast Attack
- 1 Heavy Support

and for those that want to know what level your allies are, the GW site link i posted in another topic actually sorts them alphabetically in order of ally tier, so the second the order jumps backwards a few letters, your into the next lower tier, if that makes sense. i'll edit that post so the allies are listed and defined by ally tier for the most common armies we play here.

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