Friday night fight

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Friday night fight

Post  System Commander on Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:26 am

So, the forces of Chaos (Me and Cam) fought the forces of Gay/Nids (Ryan and Darren) in an APocalypse game. We both brought 2000 points.. and when you purchase yourself a 500 point banebalde, there isn't really much left! I shouldn't say much though, since Cam whipped out a Nurgle Plague Tower! I'm sure he'll post more info in an upcoming blog..

After a full 5 turns, the game was tied. However, those tricky chaos guys revealed their secret asset, Vital Objective and were able to wrestle a tie into a victory.

We decided to go heavy on the vehicles since the Nids don't have alot of anti-vehicle shooting and also took a disruptor beacon to prevent any unwanted canifexes wandering in from flanks.

Was a great fun game, highlight for me was killing 19 gaunts in a single baneblade shot.. woo hoo. It's to bad all those gaunts came back the next turn. Lowlight for me.. Baneblade was pretty much scratch free (1 drive damaged) until turn three, when a sneaky winged tyrant came flying off the edge, assaulted it.. took off 2 structure points, both lascannons, the demolisher cannon and immobilized it. Damn tricky tyrant! At least it's better almost dying to a tyrant then dying to a stormtrooper with a melta gun.

Endless swarms + tunnels is an ugly combo for nids. It's a dman good thing we had that disruptor beacon.

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