Footy Trons 1500

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Footy Trons 1500

Post  Planes on Sun Apr 22, 2012 11:38 pm

My list from my match with Lore earlier today, as best as I can remember off of the top of my head:


Overlord, phase shifter, scythe, scarabs. 160
Lord, scarabs, scythe. 60
Despair, viel, shroud. 60?
Storm, field. 35

Overlord, scythe, scarabs. 115
Eternity, chronometron. 40
Storm. 25

3x10 man squads of Warriors. 390
10x Telsa Immortals. 170

C'Tan, writhing worldscape, sentient singularity. 250

5x Deathmarks. 95

Heavy support:

Annihilation Barge, gauss cannon. 90

Despair and Eternity are used to deliver the Deathmark squad plus the Overlord with shifter beside the enemy death star and turn it off before it can fire, after which the lord splits off and causes hell while the sniper squad soaks up all the agro. If it is a non kill point mission, the Stormteks go running around hunting down and harassing tanks, again soaking fire or generally causing bad days for vehicles. Otherwise, slap them into footie squads to abuse Everliving and deny kill points.

With both of those distractions on the field, I should have been much more aggressive with white squad than I was, but I think this is a good base to work from.
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