April Team Tournament Results

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April Team Tournament Results

Post  Roland on Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:04 pm

Firstly thanks to everyone for their support.

Best Overall (Note: the weird decimal points are a result of scaling the painting score to 25% of a teams total.)
1st-177.88 Aint Got Time to Bleed (Robyn, Dana, Gavin, and Matt K.)
2nd-158.25 Anger Management (Matt K., Jesse, Hayden and Cody
3rd-155.38 Mount Crushmore (Paz., Ian, Kevin and Mark)

Best General (Highest Battle Points)
65.00 Aint Got Time to Bleed (Not eligble for prize as they won Overall)
61.00 Anger Management
55.00 Da Green Tide (Alex, Scott and Mike)

Best Appearnce (Painting scores, Bonus for Best Army Votes)
50.38 Mount Crushmore
49.88 Aint Got Time to Bleed
44.25 Anger Management

Adam's Daemon army (from Bad Company) won Best Army with 4 votes, 14 armies got votes.

Best Sports (Highest Sportsmanship, bonuses for Best opponent)
70 Bad Company (Kyle, Adam, Ryan, and Evan)
64 Mount Crushmore
63 Aint Got Time to Bleed

Adam also won the vote for Favorite Opponent, with 3 votes, 16 players recieved votes.

Once again thanks for the support and I apoligize again for the scheduling screwups. The next one should go better.

I'm targeting late June/early July for the next event, which I hope to announce soon. I'll probably be posting a thread of ideas shortly. Even if 6th is released before, I'll likely use 5th rules (as 6th will only have been released a month or so at most, according to the interwebs).

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Re: April Team Tournament Results

Post  Veyure on Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:50 pm

Wish I could have been there. Congrats to my former team for retaining the title of Team Champions cheers

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