Jimmy's Space Marine clear out

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Jimmy's Space Marine clear out

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Thu Mar 22, 2012 9:56 pm

Okay so I'm clearing out the stuff that I'm not battling with. The troops are all table top quality. Colour scheme is chaos black, with a white, blue dot type camo. Tanks have evidence of early air brush quality colour schemes. But all items are ready for use. And again all items are table top quality or better. Would like cash for most off the items, (gotta update an airbrush).

- Liberian, termy armor, stormbolter.
- Captian, combi melta, lighting claw.
-Honor Guard,champion, banner, FNP guy, power fist, plasma gun.
- Tactical Squad 10 man, flamer, missile launcher.
-Tactical Squad 10man, plasma, missile launcher.
-Scouts 5man, sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher.
-Assault Squad 5 man, plasma pistol, Sergent combat sheild, power sword, plasma pistol.
-Terminator 5 man, assault cannon, chain fist.
- Devastator Squad 10 man. 2 lascannon, missile launcher, plasma cannon.
-3 Land Speeders, 2 assault cannon speeders, 1 missile launcher with multi melta speeder SOLD
-1 Predator, lascannon sponsors auto cannon turret.
-1 Terminus Ultra Land Raider SOLD
- 1 Dreadnought, multi-melta, close combat arm. SOLD

Best bid gets the item. Pm me with the bids. Thanks

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