logans wolf guard

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logans wolf guard

Post  da bear on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:17 am

hey everyone, some of you may know that prariecan is coming up and im thinking about making the journey. i would like to play a wolf wing force. this is what i have come up with so far:

logan grimnar - 275

wolf guard 375
- arjac rockfist
- 2 wolf guard with stormbolters and wolf claws
- wolf claw and assault connon
- stormbolter powerfist

wolf guard 215
- 2 stormbolter powerweapon
- 2 stormbolter powerfist
- cyclone launcher

wolf guard 255
- stormbolter chainfist
- twin wolf claws
- stormbolter powerweapon
- assualt connon stormshield

wolf guard 230
- chainfist stormbolter
- 2 powerweapon stormbolter
- cyclone launcher wolf claw
- twin wolf claw

dread 130
- plasma cannon
- wolftail talisman
- wolf tooth necklace

dread 130
- plasma cannon
- wolftail talisman
- wolf tooth necklace

dread 150
- twin linked lascannon
- wolftail talisman
- wolf tooth necklace

predator 120
- autocannon
- lascannon side sponsons

predator 120
- autocannon
- lasconnon side sponsons

im looking for thoughts and ideas on this list, i have a few other things that can be traded out.
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