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star terck online

Post  Dom.0 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:43 pm

Ok so I play star trek online and in a few levels i get to upgarde my ship and I have 3 choices Galaxy class, Defient class and Intrepid class. now i dont want the Definet so its out of the qustion. but i cant make up my mide glaaxy or intrepid. in the game the galaxy is a exploration crusier and the intrpid is a long rang science vesal. the galaxy has 1 tatical spot 2 engenering spots and 1 science spot the intrpid has 1 tac 1 eng and 2 secenc and not as mush fier power but that can ba fixed so and want your opinion galaxy or intrpid. ancer in the poll below.

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