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A few of us have been talking, and i think we are going to get together a posse to go up to Astronomicon Winnipeg next year. Why you ask would i post this now? Well astronomicon is "the" premier event in Canada, and draws people from all over north america. This is the place to go if you want to compete with the best of the best. It has the best mission, terrain, organization and support.
The tournament is 1500 points, which is kinda why im putting this up. I plan to build a new army for it. Competition is stiff, so i plan to put allot of time into painting, and converting. The next event is in almost exactly one year, which should give enough time to build a new list.
Personally i need goals to drive me to get anything done. That is what this will be for me, but there are lots of reasons for other people to go. I have never heard anything bad about the event.
So i just wanted to throw it out there. Im not sure if i will have room for anyone else, but your welcome to talk with me about it. For those who are going, it will be money up front based on confirmed, and predicted expenses. I was going to go on a rant here about people not paying up, but i understand there can be circumstances outside of your control. Having said that, thanks to those of you who have come along for the good times, and actually settled your debts like real men. You know who you are.

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