Jimmies Grey Knight 2k List

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Jimmies Grey Knight 2k List

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:18 pm

Well here it is been working on this for a year know. So I hope it is well rounded and mobile enough to not get pinned down to fast.


Grand Master Jimmy-Master crafted Hammer, Psychotroke grenades. 200pts

Ordos Xeones Inquisitor- 3 servo skulls, Psyochotroke grenades. 49pts

10 man Purifier Squad-5Halberts, 2psy cannons, 1incierator, Knight of Flame, Master Crafted Hammer 280pts

10 man Strike Squad x2 - 2psycannons, Justicar Master Crafted Hammer, Rhino 275pts x2

10 man Terminator Squad-2psy cannons, BrotherHood Banner, Psy-bolt, Justicar Master Crafted Hammer 500pts

StormRaven- Multi Melta, Assault cannon, Hurricane bolters 235pts

Heavy Support
DreadKnight-Heavy Incinerator, Greater Sword 185pts

Now the Idea behind this list is to deep strike or fly in from reserves. But that of course depends on the mission and deployment. I would put the GM in with the 10 man termy squad, the Inq goes with the purifers, and the Purifiers ride in the StormRaven. With a more power armor list I kinda would like to drop the DreadKnight and field a Vindicare Assassin and give the two strike squads psy-bolt. I would also probably drop in the 11 man termies. Note the servo skulls, but I will have to be careful with that cause if an enemy unit is within 6 of them, the servo skull flees. And I could also use the servo skulls with the deep striking StormRaven. And I have discovered ya can't play these like regular Marines and my tactics have changed. Hope this list reflects that. I would like to explain more but the wify and kids just pulled into the yard. later. Comments!!!

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