White Dwarf 26

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White Dwarf 26

Post  Administratum on Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:12 am

I picked up the new white dwarf today and am happy to report that it dosent suck! This edition was put together by GW head office, and it shows. I did not get completely done, but there is a ton of good stuff about the game history, and how it was developed. They talk to some of the founding fathers, which i found to be quite interesting. Some of the game mechanics were revealed, confirming a few rumors, while dissproving others. A bit of interesting fluff. I stopped at the batrep, but it looks to be a doozy. Its like 10 pages or something ridiculous. Flipped all the way through and even found some useful tips on how to build tables. If i follow the plans in the back i think that i can cut table construction costs in half. This is exciting with rumors of a big saskatoon tournament in circulation.

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