Holy bad Nid list, Batman!

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Holy bad Nid list, Batman!

Post  Roland on Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:47 pm

Gonna try to build my Nids and Orks in the New Year.

Orks I'm planning on just being a fun-ish army with a few harder units i like just to keep ppl from rolling over me. List is basically done.

Nids I'm a little lost on.

What I've got: (nothings assembled)

Hive Tyrant



6 warriors (3 FW wings to turn them into Shrikes)

30 Genestealers (22 from Space hulk)

brood lord (Space hulk)

16 Termaguants

16 hornaguants

enough rippers for 4 bases

3 Raveners (4th ed metal)


3 Biovorves

10 Gargoyles

Right now I'm thinking

Hive Tyrant-Lash whip and Bonesword, H. Venom Cannon, Adrenal Glands, Leech Essence, Paroxysm (205)

Lictor -(65)


Warrior Brood(3)-Devourers, Venom Cannon, Adrenal Glands (120)

Genestealer Brood (Cool-Adrenal Glands (152)

Ripper Swarm (4)-Adrenal Glands (64)

Hormaguant Brood (16)-Adrenal Glands (128)

Termagaunt Brood (16)-Adrenal Glands (96)

Shrike Brood (3)-Devourers, Venom Cannon, Adrenal Glands (135)

Ravener Brood (3)-2x Scything Talons (90)

Gargoyle Brood (10)- Adrenal Glands (70)

Carnifex-HVC, Adrenal Glands, Scything Talons (195)

Biovore Brood (3)-135

I'll need to cut 15 pts to make 1500.
I can add the Genestealers out the wazoo to make an even crappier 2000 pt list.

Would like to add a Tervigon, Hive Guard, and/or a Venomthrope, but I can't totally remember what choices they are (HQ, E, and ??)

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Re: Holy bad Nid list, Batman!

Post  Timbo on Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:47 pm

Well I noticed you don't have any hive guard and only 1 zoanthrope. Those are thought of as mandatory choices to max out because they are your best anti-tank. However, I have seen some null-deployment lists that instead max out ymgarl genestealers for elites and don't have tervigons. They are all-reserve/deepstrike lists that play the game cagey-like. That would probably be the list your models would be best suited for. Deploying nothing has both advantages and disadvantages as you already know. Do a little searching and see what you can find!
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