space marine 2011 megaforce kit

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space marine 2011 megaforce kit

Post  dusktiger on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:44 pm

so, usually, we say that the battleforce kits dont really save you any money. i just did a price comparison on the xmas special space marine megaforce kit for this xmas. it retails for $260, and contains 2 tactical squads, a drop pod, a land raider redeemer/crusader, a venerable dreadnought, a captain, a command squad, a scout squad, and a land speeder storm.

individually, that would cost you $393.75 for those kits just on price tag alone.

that makes the megaforce kit a 34% savings.

if you want to save money and know you want those models, (which btw, if you make them exactly as portrayed on the packaging, makes a 1223pt list, but can 'easily' be turned into a 1250 list), then this is a good deal. but the megaforce kit probably wont stick around for more than the xmas season, so decide fast if you want it.

it definitely gives you all the models to make an instant 40k-legal army list out of the box, and its a strong core-list for any marine list.

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Re: space marine 2011 megaforce kit

Post  System Commander on Sat Nov 26, 2011 9:38 pm

That is a great deal.. about time they smartened up the pricing on their big packs.. spend $200 to save $10.. what a crock.

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