Lascannon/Twin-Linked Plasmagun Razorback Conversion

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Lascannon/Twin-Linked Plasmagun Razorback Conversion

Post  dusktiger on Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:57 pm

I used this tutorial for the one my command squad uses, and i rather like the look of it, and its pretty easy to do.

Tools Needed:
- an exacto knife
- a razor saw
- a flat file
- plastic glue

Parts Needed:
-Twin-Linked LasCannon Razorback turret
-pair of basic Space Marine plasma guns

Step 1:
To begin, remove the barrel from the right LasCannon just forward of the third "ring" on the base of the barrel. Also, remove the frame rail that runs underneath the LasCannon barrel, again just forward of the third groove. I used the razor saw for these cuts and it was clean and simple. File smooth.

Step 2:
Next, the plasma guns need trimming. If you look closely at the side of Plasma Guns, directly to the rear of the power cell is what looks like a wire or cable molded into the weapon. Using this as a guide, trim across (from top to bottom) the entire weapon, removing the rear portion of the weapon, the grip, and the stock. Again, I used the razor saw and the cut was very clean. If the cut is straight, you will need the exacto knife to trim away the remnants of the trigger guard. Next, just forward of the trigger guard on the bottom of the Plasma Gun, there is a small round bump. There is a seam to use as a guide, trim away the round portion.

Step 3:
Next, file the two sides of the plasma guns that will be connected, (i.e. file the right side of the left gun, and the left side of the right gun.) Glue the plasma guns to each other and allow to set a moment. Then glue the plasma guns onto the trimmed barrel of the LasCannon. (While that sets, I trimmed off the frame rail under the barrel of the other LasCannon, again at the third groove, so that the mounts look a little more similar.)

Step 4:
Mount the two weapon systems on the turret assembly.

Step 5:
Finally, when I mounted the armoured cowling that covers the rear portion of the turret, I mounted it backwards. If you mount it backwards, the cowling should end flush with the join between the LasCannon barrel and the Twin-Linked Plasma Guns, just even with the rear edge of the power cells on the Plasma Guns, and hiding the join from the conversion.

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