Assorted bits for sale/trade

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Assorted bits for sale/trade

Post  Viserion on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:12 am

I have some assorted items up for sale and /or trade. This is just a basic breakdown, but you can pm me for more details.

1 Crimson Fist Tactical upgrade pack (complete)
Partial Crimson fist Assault and Command Packs
1 ?Death Company Chaplain? w/Jump pack

3 Generic Dev's 1 plasma and 2 MULTI-MELTA

1 oop metal Furioso Dread

1 metal Logan Grimnar
2 Ragnar Blackmane
1 Wolf Priest Ulrik
1 Iron Priest

and If someone likes to paint characterful figures with lots of detail 1 Lucius the Eternal

I am looking for Orks/cash but will also consider Chaos trades

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