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League reporting

Post  System Commander on Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:56 am

Ok, I'm just going through the reported games to get a points update. and I have a bunch of games reported with forum names.. can youplease use real names to report games. I'm not going to give "The Coon" a bunbch of points and post it up.

If you don't know your opponents name when you report the game.. then.. you deserve a slap!! For Pete's sake, take a couple minutes before you play to introduce yourselves or something.

As a side note, who is "The Coon" (and no, I really wasn't trying to make a South Park reference, it jsut turned out that way). I understand the tag is from South park.. thats fine and all, but.. we all know what the reference is really for.. please consider changing your name or you'll have to live with what I assign you.

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