Purge the Daemon!!! Suffer Not the Alien to Live!!!

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Purge the Daemon!!! Suffer Not the Alien to Live!!!

Post  Roland on Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:52 am

So after thinking long and hard (that's what SHE said), I have come to the realization that I am never going to get around to all the crap I have to build in my basement. So I'm ditching some of it.

Eldar Stuff (all unassembled, unpainted. All in boxes, some shrink wrap broken)
2 Autarchs-$14 ea (Autarch with Power Weapon, and the Army deal exclusive)
1 farseer and warlocks- $251 Wave Serpent- $35
1 Fire Dragon Squad- $25
1 Howling Banshees Squad- $25

1 Dire Avengers Squad- $30
1 Guardian Squad w/ Support Weapon- $27.50

6 Jetbikes- $12/ea
2 Vypers- $24/ea
1 Falcon- $40

1 Wraithlord- $35
2 War walkers- $24/ea

Necrons (still in blisters)
1 Lord w/ Orb-$12
1 immortal- $10

Chaos Daemons (spoken for)
Skulltaker (assembled)- $17
30 Bloodletters (10 assembled w/ full command)- $24/box
Belakor (assembled on a dread base, used as a winged DP)- $25

Tau (Mostly unopened, unassembled, unpainted)
Megaforce (2 Crisis Suits, Stealth Team, 20 Fire Warriors, Devilfish, Hammerhead, 3 Pirahna, 6 Gun Drones)- $135
Kroot- $28
Shaper- $9
Gun Drone Squad (4) and Sheild Drone Pack- $15
XV8 Crisis Suit- $20

Sniper Drone Team- $28
Ethereal (Honour Blade)- $12
Vespid- $25

Tyranids- (all are boxed and shrink wrapped or still in blister, except the Gargoyles. Shrink wrap is broken)
Battleforce (old school, 3 Warriors, 8 Gaunts, 8 Termagaunts, 8 Genestealers, Carnifex and 2 Ripper swarms)- $70 (Spoken for)
Hive Tyrant- $45
Lictor- $20
FW Warrior Wings- $18
Gargoyles (new plastic)- $24
Gaunts/Termagaunts (8 ea)- $30
3 Biovores- $25 ea
3 Raveners (metal)- $12/ea
Zoanthorpe- $20
Space Hulk Broodlord (on sprue)- $20
Space Hulk Genestealers (on sprue, 22 total))- $3/ea

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