1500 Point Saturday Grudge Match

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1500 Point Saturday Grudge Match

Post  Timbo on Sat May 21, 2011 5:16 pm

Ryan and I threw down at the Den today in a 1500 point affair. We rolled kill points and pitched battle. My list was my tourney list from the army list section here: http://huntersofthewarp.forumakers.com/t2082-possible-spring-tourney-list Ryan had a landraider with 5 TH/SS termies, Cassius, and a libby (a lot of eggs in that basket!), 2 razorbacks with 20 tactical guys, 5 sniper scouts, a suicide speeder, a landspeeder storm with suicide scouts, and 2 dakka predators. I chose to deploy first and clumped up in the middle so Ryan could not refuse a flank. Ryan chose the corner furthest away from my dreads and chose to flank march his storm and deep strike his speeder. He failed to seize initiative and I went first. I moved up my rhino wall turn one and ran my dreads. Turns out my wall was more like chicken wire as I failed 6 smoke cover saves in a row. 2 turns later I had 3 destroyed rhinos. Meanwhile I cleverly moved up my attack bikes into striking range while keeping them out of LOS. Over the next two turns I hit the LR 5 times with melta. Net result, 1 immobilized LR Sad I also got two penetrating hits against his landspeeder storm (open-topped) with one of my preds and didn't kill it.

There were a few good results too. One of my dreads blew up a predator at max range from the front. I also did a long range autocannon snipe on a lurking razorback. But in a kill point mission those lost opportunities really hurt and it's tough to come back from. The game ended on turn 5 with Ryan winning 6-4. My guys fought really hard all the way to the end, and with another couple of turns the result could have been very different as the pendulum was swinging back in my favour. I had his terminator squad down to one guy and locked in combat, and I had two landspeeders left to kill. It was a great game overall, and everything in my army performed well with the notable exception of my armour penetration rolls. 7 is an average roll on two dice, right? Thanks for the game Ryan!
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