Dark Angels-2000pts

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Dark Angels-2000pts

Post  Roland on Mon May 16, 2011 9:05 am

OK now that one of my armies has been upgraded (on paper), onto the next, Dark Angels.

What I have: (all is unassembled unless noted)
Company Master w/ Sword
Terminator Squad (shooty)
Scout Squad (std)
3 DA Vet boxes (for Tactical Squads and the upgrade sprues)
1 Ravenwing Battleforce + 3 extra ravenwing sprues
Devastator Squad (2 HB/2ML, assembled)
There is also an old termie capt that is currently in Ultramarine colors planning to defect.

1st draft list-
Belail-130 (the termie capt for now, later I'll do a conversion w/ interchangable arms)
Sammael-205 (undecided about the jetbike or speeder)
Deathwing Squad (cyclone ML)-235
Ravenwing Squad (full, PF, MG, MG, MM on the attackbike, LS Tornado)-415
Scout Squad (10-man, 5 Bolters, 4 Sniper Rifles, ML)-185
Tactical Squad (10-man, PF, MG, ML, Rhino)-245
Tactical Squad (10-man, PF, MG, ML, Rhino)-245
RW Support Squad (LS Typhoon)-75
Predator Destructor-95
Devastator Squad (2 HB, 2ML)-160

10 pts free. Extra SB on the Rhinos?

Also leaning toward dropping the LS from the RW squad and making it 2 Typhoons (which nets 25 more pts.)
If I can get my hands on some Assault Termie bits, I'd like the DW to be 3 TH/SS, 2 LC with the cyclone
Things I don't like:
  • No ride for the Termies (but I'm getting over it)
  • It feels like I need more ML and melta, but something tells me I just don't realize how much is there.
    (by my count 9 ML shots, 2 AC, and 5 meltas (including 3 in the RW squad)
  • Would've liked to have had a dread in the list.

In case no one's notice, the list is based on the one from the White Dwarf DA release issue, which I've always liked the look of.

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