new Apocalypse formations in IA Vol 10

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new Apocalypse formations in IA Vol 10

Post  dusktiger on Wed May 04, 2011 10:47 pm

i'm not sure if anyone else here has gotten a copy of this book yet, so i figured i'd give a summary of the 3 new formations space marines got. since these are also apoc formations, according to some other apoc books, chaos is allowed to field these too. if your willing to buy models that your only legally allowed to field in apoc games.

"The Hextad of Ancients"
205pts, plus the cost of the models.
6 Space Marine Dreadnoughts which may be either Venerable, Chaplain, Siege Pattern, Ironclad, or Named Character Dreadnoughts, (if you have army builder, you'll see normal dreads as well, this is wrong; programmers error), All of which MUST be armed with at least 1 CCW of some kind. One of these 6 must be designated as the "Ancient Lord".

Special Rules
The Ancient Lord: 1 Venerable, Chaplain, or Named dreadnought must be designated as the Ancient Lord. No dreadnought in the formation may deploy further than 12" from the Lord.

Shock Assault: Any model with a WS which isnt a Gargantuan Creature or Super Heavy Vehicle, charged in assault by multiple models of the Hextad has its Initiative reduced to 1 for the first turn of Assault, regardless of cover, grenades, or other special rules.

Unstoppable Force:
While the Ancient Lord survives on the table, both it and any other Dreadnoughts in the formation within 12" of it will ignore all 'Crew Shaken' results they recieve and may re-roll any to-hit rolls of '1' in assaults.
Additionally, all allied space marine infantry models within 24" of the Ancient Lord add +1 to their combat resolution results for determining the winner results.
All Dreadnoughts in the Hextad are subject to the Rage USR.

"The Wrath of Mars"
150pts, plus the cost of the models.
4-6 Land Raiders, at least half of which must be Achilles Pattern. The remainder may be any other pattern. One of these (any type) must be designated as the squadron's command vehicle.

Special Rules
Command Vehicle: 1 Land Raider in the formation must be nominated as the squadron command vehicle. All Land Raiders withing the formation must be deployed within 12".

Shrapnel Storm: While the command vehicle survives and is in play, a single point may be nominated as the focus for a thunderfire cannon bombardment (note this attack doesnt have to nominate an enemy unit). When this attack is used, any Land Raider Achilles in the formation within range and Line of Sight of the chosen target point may contribute its thunderfire cannon fire to the attack, and at least 2 must do so for the attack to take place. Other land raiders in the formation are free to target their weapons independantly.
Rather than resolving the thunderfire attacks normally, their effects are combined as a single Apocalypse Barrage with a rating of 2 + the number of Achilles that fired. The hits caused are resolved as a single chosen shell type which must be nominated for the attacks as per normal for the thunderfire cannon.

Close-Defense: Land Raiders in the formation may fire twice with any pintle mounted weapons they possess at infantry targets up to 12" away.

"Dragonfire Assault Wing"
175pts, plus the cost of the models.
3 Caestus Assault Rams

Special Rules
Dragonfire: As long as the models are within a 12" coherency at the beginning of the shooting phase and havent had models embark or disembark from them in the previous phase, they may concentrate the fire of the Maga Meltas against a single target as a single attack. if this is done they cant fire their other weapons at targets other than that selected for the attack.
When making the attack, draw range and line of sight from the nearest Ram in the formation to the chosen target. The attack acts as normal but its STR is increased. if 2 Rams are combining, its now STR 10, if all 3 combine, it becomes STR 'D'.

Precision Strike: All the models in this formation, and any units assigned before the game begins to be transported by its assault rams, are set aside both from owning player's normal deployment and strategic reserve. This formation my then arrive on any one of the players first 3 turns as chosen (coming in on turn 3 regardless). When they first arrive, they must desploy within 36" of each other.

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