GW/Metal to Resin....

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GW/Metal to Resin....

Post  Roland on Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:05 pm

I'm sure everyone has seen this popping up on Warseer/BoLS/B&C etc. Anyone have any thoughts/concerns?

I'm not terribly concerned about the "resin dust" issue. If you use spray paint on your models and aren't a complete moron, it's not that hard to take an extra step or two to mitigate any effects.

I'm feeling that conversions will be SOMEWHAT easier, in that it's slightly easier to remove an arm/leg/head from a resin model rather than metal. I'm about to run outside singing over the fact that there will be NO MORE hybrid models issues and no more issues with gluing pinning metal models all the live long day.

That said I'd be a lot happier if the resin models were conversion kits/characters only and all the "regular" kits (Sternguard, Oblits, etc) went to an actual multi-part plastic kit. And then we can get started on that world piece thing...

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Re: GW/Metal to Resin....

Post  System Commander on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:51 am

I would definitely miss the feel of a metal model.. as in.. the weight and bulkyness you get from one.

Its probably more of a nostalgia thing than anything at all.. i still have some lead mini's for pete's sake.. but Im sure Id get use to it. It would be nice to know that theodd metal mini would come out.. actually, just like it is now.. but hey, if it means keeping prices reasonable.. I can learn to live with it.

II think I prefer to wrk with plastic over reson.. although you get better detail with reson. I actually dropped a resin barricade last week from a collectors thingie that came out for cityfight years ago.. hit the liminate floor and exploded into about 10 pieces..

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not to sure

Post  Selik on Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:07 am

I have a witch hunter army, so that is almost all metal, I collected it because of the interesting back graound and the rules they get. I like the weight of the models. but I think going away from metal will be fine as it is easier to convert models that not metal. I am hoping that more plastic kits come out quicker than usual so that we as players do not have a short supply of models to buy and end up using play as models. Not that play as models are bad.

As a customer I do not get much choice in what GW does or puts out there for their product, but as long as I can still play I do not think that no metal models are over concerning to myself.

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Re: GW/Metal to Resin....

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