Where to start...

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Where to start...

Post  System Commander on Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:22 am

Alrighty, finally some things are going to settle down a bit here and I'm going to have some free time, free time to play some 40K.. Once this league wraps up I'll be already to fight when the new one startsup.

I'm of course all on board with the Grey Knights.. but I'm having a really hard time trying to decide what the hell to pick up and what type of army to play with.

I like the idea of having some henchmen squads.. the look of having a such a varied army really appeals to me.. but thats alot to paint .. ! As well, you can take chimeras with them which are pretty awesome period. I also like the idea of having lots of purifiers with Crowe to make them scoring.. because they are probably one of the best units in the book.. but I also like the idea of dreadnaughts, dreadknights, and terminators.. argh.. I jsut dont know what to do.

I have to start somewhere though, so I think I'm going to start with what I have and go from there. I should probably start this in the project blog section, but Ill start it here and see where it goes. Its more of a tool for myself to think things out and get organized more so than anything else.

So, first off, what do I currently have that will function in the Grey Knights codex.

Inqusitor with power armour, Psycannon and Powerfist
Hmm, not really sure he's functional anymore. You can get so many psycannons in the army now, I'm thinking you'd be better off taking one of the other awesome HQ choices.

Henchmen - 2 Heavy bolter servitors, 2 mystics, 2 servo skulls, misc. warriors
Yeah, again, I dont really know if I need heavy bolter servitors. There's going to be alot of the mid range strength guns everywhere in the army, I'd be better off slapping some multi-meltas on them. However, a Jokaero in there can give them some good boosts. The others guys are generic enough though they can be pretty much anything.. mystics, psychics, etc. The warriors will be useful though, especially with melta and plasma guns. Ive also got a ton of unamed misc. type minis that can be turned into all manner of heanchmen.. banishers, arco flagellants, death cult assassins, .. you name it. Escept for monkeys.. I have no space monkeys.

Assassins - Eversor and Callidus
I think they both pretty much suck now.. considering what you can get in exchange for their points. The Callidus' ability to appear and assault in the same turn before make her unbelievably useful... and word in your ear.. awesome. She's tougher now with better guns and FNP, but appearing and having to sit there for a turn.. that's pretty much a complete waste. Assassins cant infiltrate anymore.. well, I think the Vindicare can.. but for the Eversor, its going to be a rough ride. Sure he can hop in a ride I guess.. but is it worth it? I really think there are scarier hand to hand units you can spend the points on. Vindicare is definitely good.. but.. man, hes just damn annoying. Your opponents is going to be annoyed as hell if your popping off all his invulnerable saves.. for the rest of the game!

Inqusitorial Chimera
So far, probably the most likely to be included.

Land Raider and Land Raider Crusader
Both of these take up heavy support choices and aren't dedicated transport options for any unit. I've always liked the basic landraider for the lascannons it brings.. although for the Grey Knights, the crusader is so much better now, especially with the psybolt ammo. The bolters and assault cannon can all be bumped up 1 strength. Pretty hefty points costs as well, and competing with some pretty awesome heavy choices. Autocannon dreadnoughts that are str 8, Dreadknights which are pretty much awesome however you build them, and purgation squads. Not sure if I'd go with a purgation squad myself.. although you have to admit that ability to fire 28 str 7 rending shots .. while not needing line of sight is pretty awesome.. 24" though.. still have to get close. So, I think the crusader makes the cut.. but I'm uncertain about the standard raider for now.

Grey Knight Terminators
Ok, so I have 7 of them. I've got a "grandmaster" .. which is just the Stern mini with a psycannon slapped on... he's also got a sword. The other six are a split .. 3 halberds, 3 swords.. and one psycannon. I plan on using them, Im just not certain I like the outfitting. I'd love to get a couple daemonhammers in there since you can swap out the sword for free on them. So, I think I'll try to see how hard it is to swap off a halberd and a sword, and get two hammers on.

I think the Grandmaster is a great HQ choice. Right now, Im a big fan of having Crowe to make the purifiers scoring, and then taking a GM to make anything else I have that isn't scoring, scoring.. like a Dreadnought or Dreadknight. He's expensive though.. It also might be worth to look into taking a brother Captain instead, or even a librarian. Captain is pretty basic.. a bit cheaper but you lose the grand strategy ability.. and gain.. oh geez, I cant remember his special rule... but its not as good. The librarian can take shrouding and summoning though.. both I think are very useful. Summoning on a landraider.. especially if you have two on the board would be a nice trick to have up your sleeve. So, what do to with this guy.. not sure yet.. but I am leaning towards a standard GM for now.

Grey Knights
I've currently got three squads of Grey Knights from my old army consisting of the following:

Justicar with Sword, 1 psycannon, 3 halberds
Justicar with Sword, 1 psycannon, 3 halberds
Justicar with Sword, 2 incinerators, 3 halberds

So all together, that gives me 3 knights with force swords, 9 halberds, 2 psycannons, and 2 incerators.

I was hoping to turn these guys into purfiers.. to make them stand out a bit from the new Grey Knights. However, with my plan to run lots of purifiers.. it doesn't really matter. So, I think for now I'll go with trying to form two squads. These guys can take Daemonhammers for .. I think 5 points insteado ftheir swords and halberds for 2 poitns.. who the hell wants swords ? I dont think Im missing something. Swords give you +1 invul save in close combat.. but if you dont have one.. .. ? So, the sword guys are useless right? I spent quite a bit of time painting them though, so I dont know if I really want to just scrap the weapons. I dont know, maybe Ill try to pry the whole arm off and keep it handy.. and then slap some daemonhammers on. So, doing that.. I should be able to build these guys into two purifier squads built the following way.

2 daemonhammers, 2 psycannons, 4 halberds
2 daemonhammers, 2 incinerators, 4 halberds

Then, I'll have to pick up some new guys of course. The new ones I'll outfit the same as squad 1.. 2 DH, 2 Psycannons, 4 halberds. Between these guys and the Terminators, that'll give me 5 scoring units not counting what the GM gives.. I should probably get them up to ten each though. At least if I find I dont like having all purifiers.. I can downgrade a couple of these guys to strike squads.. keep a couple as purifiers and rely on the ol' grandmaster to give em a boost.

Grey Knight Dreadnought
So currently, my dreadnought is built in a pretty retarded way. He's got an assault cannon and a missile launcher. When I built him, the new assault cannon rules just came through and they were looking pretty awesome. So I figured he would be my anti tank weapon.. which of course sucked assthen as much as it would suck ass now, especially since the Daemonhunters were ruled to not be able to use the new assault cannon rules. So, he's got to switch up weapons. If your going to have a gun dread with the knights, you might as well give him two twin linked autocannons with psybolt ammo.. it only make sense. There are going to be alot of these in Grey Knight lists because they are pretty awesome. I guess if i wanted I could keep the assault cannon and just throw on an autocannon. 4 str 7 rending shots and 2 twin linked str 8 shots are decent.. but I think having that 48" range on all guns is more important for this fella. I dont think outfitting him with CC weapons is needed.. Ive got enough big stuff looming for that.. but, what about the venerable argument. At least if I took him as venerable, he'd be an elite and I could free up another heavy.. but.. thats alot of points and I think Im already pushing it.

So thats it for what I have. I've got a couple spare rhinos and a chimera or two kicking around as well that I could fire up.. plus a ton of misc. dudes I could turn into any number of henchmen squads. Only problem being I'd have to take Coteaz and it doesnt fit into what I'm looking at right now.

The other unit I really like is Modrak.. and his ghost terminators. He still has grand strategy.. but gains some neat abilities to generate terminators.. and can come in on the first turn without scattering.. I get really worried about taking him though.. getting him into the fight quick and getting insta-killed. When he dies, his ghost terminators die to.. so, not sure if it's worth it. Draigo has eternal warrior.. but.. yowza.. hes expensive as hell ..however.. storm shield, eternal warrior, 4 wounds, str 6 (hammerhand) ... hmm.. I do have the forgeworld inqusitor Rex mini which could possibly serve as a decent stand in for Draigo. I might give it a try now and then, but I dont know if it would be a standard strategy.

With going heavy on the purifiers.. I think I really need to consider the option of taking a stormraven. I want to make sure I have enough armour on the table to spread around the anti tank guns.. so.. a dread, a landraider, a stormraven, and lets say 3 rhinos or razorbacks .. should hopefully give me enough that everything doesnt get blown away right away. I should add up the points though and see where I'm sitting at. Draigo or a brother captain would give me a bonus to reserve rolls.. so, lots ot think about ..

Anyone else got plans for grey knights? What do you guys think about the units or my potential ideas for lists.. ? Did I kill your eyes with my giant block of orange text?

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Re: Where to start...

Post  Spamus Eatus on Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:41 pm

Well the GK bug got me and I'll likely be working on some as a summer project.

I'm figuring Captain or Grand Master, with a bunch of plan ol' Grey Knights and Terminators, in transports of varying types, with walker support. I'm debating in my head how well psycannon razorbacks (TL AC w/psybolts) will work out, they're pretty expensive. Purgators seem pretty tasty too.

I have a Stormraven that I'm converting to look a bit more streamlined, and I plan on working some magic on a Dreadknight. I dig most of the model except the pilot, this needs fixing. I figure I'm looking at a Psyfleman dread, and one with Assaultcannon + Fist + psybolts, turning him into a nice all purpose unit.

@System Commander: Fortunately Mordrak isn't an IC and just forms a unit with his Ghost Squad, so he can't be picked out Very Happy ID is a bit less of a concern then.

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Re: Where to start...

Post  System Commander on Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:59 pm

Oh.. really.. wow, I never noticed that. Thats great to know. Thanks for the heads up. I actually didn't hear anything about anyone else not having the IC rule aside from Crowe.. so completely overlooked it.

That makes Modrak really, really tempting to take as an HQ. Although.. ugh.. him plus 3-4 terminators.. thats alot to pay. I might have to try it out and see how he does.. although I could see him and his squad causing alot of disruption, especially if you shunt in a dreadknight or 2 for support on the first turn as well. That would have me shitting bricks if I was on the other end.

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Re: Where to start...

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