Inqusitor stuff for Grey Knights

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Inqusitor stuff for Grey Knights

Post  System Commander on Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:37 pm

The three new named unqisitors for the upcoming grey knights are looking pretty unique.

Corteaz himself will be able to take henchmen squads and turn into individual units which I think are scoring... but Im not 1090% sure. There's alot of rumblings about how scary this could be, given the cheap nature of the henchmen and some of the abilities. I think the crusaders are getting thos attention given they carry power weapons and storm shields.. I dont know how worried I am yet as compared to how cool I think this type of army set-up would look on the table.

Then there's Karamazov. Im guessing more or less the same.. I cant remember if they gave him EW or not though.. but I think his stat line is beefier. What I found really cool was his "at all Costs" rule.. which allows his army to drop templates on his own units is needed.. thats pretty remarkable. I dont think it'll be game breaking in any respect, but I really like the fact that GW has finally given this rule to someone... especially an Inqusitor.

There of course the other named Xenos Inqusitor, I cant recall hername at the moment.. I dont think she has any special rules like the above 2, but carries a shitload of alien weaponry/items.

There's been no real mention yet about what the three different non-named inqusitors will be offering.. I did see a different offering of wargear, but nothing in terms or army make-up or special rules.

Looking at Corteaz though.. Im thinking about how I can put to use all those god damn Necromunda mini's I bought for alpha legion cultsit stand in's years back right before the new chaos codex came out..
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Re Inq

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:53 am

Wow sounds awesome. When is the new codex going to be out anyway

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