The Awesome Booter's Army list with points

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The Awesome Booter's Army list with points

Post  Guest on Wed May 05, 2010 7:50 am

Army list (So far)

Warboss - Kaptin Kor Azek


Nob (x5) 100pts - "Boss Hog and the A-Team" the best of the best in Kor Azek's crew, armed to the teeth with the best weapons the Kaptin doesn't want, There's Ash, with a Cybork Buzz Fist, which he thinks is 'Groovy' - there's Plate, who's face was half blown off by a Space Wolf, and now wears a Plate face mask. There's Goldie, who made his own Golden power claw out of the golden teeth fillings stolen off Imperial Guards men. Then theres Scrap, who's made 'eavy armor out of scrap metal he picked up off the battlefield, he carries around a squigg who (sometime) alerts him of sneaky enemies behind him, and then there's Boss Hog, part a veteran of 4 WAAAGHS! he went from being just a regular Slugga Boy to an 'Ard boy then grew up into a power Nob he carries banners of all the clans he's fought with, his last clan being "Goff" which he shows in his checkered loin cloth"
2 Power Claws - 50pts
3 Sluggas
1 Choppa
Kombi Shoota-Burna 5pts
Kombi Shoota-rokkit 5pts
4 Bosspoles 20 pts
1 ammo runt 3pts - Total : 183

Grots (x10) Runtherd (x1) 40pts
Grot Blasta
Runtherd Squighound
Grot Prod +5pts - total: 45pts

Ork Boyz (x10) Nob (x1) - "The Scavages" - "The meanest bunch of boyz the deff skullz ever thru out!" a mob of Ten Boyz the Scavages were once part of the sneaky clan of thieves known as the death skullz, known for stealing anything and everything of value or not, they were finally tossed out after trying to take one of their Warbosses prized trophy heads, an Ultramarine Captains helmet. as punishment they were thrown onto a space hulk and sent to another world where Kor Azek hired them, told them they could steal whatever they wanted as long as he got dibbs on the best stuff. - 70pts
6 Sluggas
5 Choopas
1 Big Shoota - 5pts
4 Shootas
1 Power Claw - 25pts
1 Boss Pole - 5pts - Total Points: 105

Looted Wagon (Busted up Basilisk artillery tank) "What was once supposed to be a new wagon for the Scavages looted from a battle field, was turned into the fist of Kaptain Kor Azek, with its mighty boom gun it shakes the ground infront of his charging crew, destroying anything insight... as long as the mek boyz don't screw with it! - 35pts
Boom Gun - 70pts
Big Shoota - 5pts
Red Paint Job - 5pts
Armor Plates - 10pts
Reinforced Ram - 5pts Total: 130

(What I plan to have before I field this army:
Two more Squad of Ork Boyz (One fully Slugga and one full shoota)
Warbike Squad (two at the least)
a Trukk)

(What I plan to add in the future (After or even before fielding):
Battle Wagon
Killa-Kan (Three to six)

Is there anything I should put down? anything I should add or take away? Anything I should make priority?


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Re Stoopa

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Sat Jun 05, 2010 8:36 am

hey Alex it might be because I have not had my morning coffee yet but I find adding your points very difficult. Since there are stupid hic's like myself on the net I suggest that you just put the total of your squads at the end of the troop entry.
Having said that I am interested in battling your "A-team". And crushing them with all of the Glory of the Emperor. lol
I like the idea of using an imperial Basilisk a loota wagon It will be interesting to see just how it does.

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