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40k in a Flash Rules

Post  System Commander on Thu May 01, 2008 10:45 am

40K in a Flash rules

Army limitations
Each player’s army must conform to the rules below:
• Armies are no more than 500 points (750)
• You must have one troop choice (750 – 2 troops)
• You may have one HQ choice but no more than one. You do not have to take an HQ choice.
• You may spend any remaining points on anything from your codex list from the Standard Troop Organization chart.
• No HQ model can have more than 2 wounds (750 – 3 wounds)
• No special characters or Monstrous creatures allowed
• No 2+ saves or better are allowed
• No vehicles with a total armor equal to or greater than 33 for front, side and rear armor combined. (750 – 34 total)
• All models must be WYSIWYG

As noted above you do not have to take an HQ choice in your force, but a commander must still be nominated. This model is the senior ranking figure – the model with the highest leadership. In the case of models being equal rank, only one can be the force commander, and this model must be specified before the game begins.

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