Stormraven Bloodravens

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Stormraven Bloodravens

Post  Commander James of the Ul on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:39 pm

So I got sick of painting my marines the way they are now. So I'm now painting any Marines I get as Blood Ravens. But here is the problem. When the Stormraven comes out I GOTTA GET IT... But I don't want to start a Blood Angel army. So for the Blood Ravens could a person just get a Stormraven and paint it as a Blood Raven. The Blood Ravens are a space bound chapter, you'd think they would have them. As long as you give it the correct points I'd think it would be okay. I'm going to do it any way, I just want to know if I'd be able to table it in my Blood Raven army.
Still don't know what the dam thing looks like tho. But the Space Marine need a flyer.

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Re: Stormraven Bloodravens

Post  System Commander on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:48 pm

A storm raven in a standard marine army would technically be illegal. There are some things the Angels can't get, and in exchange they get the Storm Raven.

Its definitely a powerful option.. so I would really advise against using it in standard space marine force.

Now, a game of Apocalypse.. your fine.

As well, if your opponent has no problem with it.. thats also cool. I would like to advise against it though,. And who knows.. by the time the model is atually out, who knows what'll happen. Were supposedly getting some chapter approves rules again in the next white dwarf, so might be a new trend..
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