GW Fun Senario SM Assault list

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GW Fun Senario SM Assault list

Post  jhare on Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:30 am

Hi, the local GW store is having a fun scenario game this Saturday. Here's what I know. Its 200 pts. of Assault Squads per player. Typically this would mean one squad but possibly two. I think they are doing model by model but not sure how this is going to work yet.

What I have:

So far I've built one five man squad of space marines. I'm working on another 5 man right now. To make things a little harder I've left my codex in Saskatoon so I've working a bit from memory and what I've picked up online. Any suggestions about composition and armaments? Again I know my opponents are bringing Assault but not what armies will be there. I think this is to show off the new Blood Angles Death Company and Guys with wings (name escapes me). So suggestions would be most helpful.


P.S. Working on pre-heresy jump packs for this as well. Will post pictures when finished.

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