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quick question...

Post  The Jer on Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:47 pm

k, been out of the game for .... crap, two years? so bare with me (or is that bear? regardless)

So... is army builder still the way to go for a quick and easy way to toss together lists? is there something new?
I've downloaded the demo for AB 3.x and it seems rather nice, just... I have been finding it rather hard to *cough*acquire*cough* a full version.

so, what are you kids doing in regards to that these days?

Also, I should be available to play some games (nonleague, obviously, but as soon as whatever sad sorry excuse for a co-op employee starts off a new league, I'll sign up)

However, my schedule is really wonky... I am basically available during the days Monday and Tuesday, and then... uh... after midnight the other days, so... I'll figure something out.

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Army builder

Post  Administratum on Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:34 am

Hey Jer, i think that the only way to really go is army builder 3.1. Its a great program, with only one flaw. You must register directly with lone wolf in order to get the full version. They have it set up where you need to give them your email address, then once you pay up, the access code is sent to you by email. There is no getting around it in the new version. The only way to cut some corners is to have a friend purchase an extra license, and then use that one. I BELIEVE that is possible. They sell extra licenses so that you do not have to pay for a full version if you have multiple computers. If you go this route however, you will be at the mercy of whoever owns the original account, as they will own the license you are using.
Personally i think the ($40?) initial price and $20 a year is worth what you get. Trying to get around it is a pain in the ass to save 30 bucks. The quality on it has really gone up, i have not had an army list mistake in at least a year. Additionally they now come out with the new codexes really quick, sometimes in a matter of only a couple weeks.
Take this how you will... i spend at least an hour a day pissing around in AB making different lists, so im a bit biased.

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