Chaos, No Lash

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Chaos, No Lash

Post  Guest on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:23 pm

I love playing chaos, but whenever I look around, I see too much Slanesh since this codex... Lash Sorcerers and Berzerkers... Anyways Im going to be trying the army the way I used to enjoy playing it: High Model count, Large number of big guns, Able to assault

140--Winged Khorne Daemon Prince

305--7 Terminators, Icon Khorne, 4 Powerfist, 4 combi-gun (usually melta, plasma for stuff like "Nids), 1 Heavy Flamer
193--6 Chosen, Icon Chaos Glory, 5 Plasma gun
158--6 Chosen, Icon Chaos Glory, 4 Melta gun

230--10 Marines, Icon Khorne, Champion, Powerfist, 2 Flamer
240--10 Marines, Icon Khorne, Champion, Powerfist, 2 Melta gun
65--5 Lesser Daemon
65--5 Lesser Daemon

Fast Attack
129--3 Bikers, Icon Chaos Glory, 2 Melta gun

Heavy Support
165--Predator, 3 Lazcannon
155--5 Havoks, 4 Missile Launcher
155--5 Havoks, 4 Autocannon

so, 45 guys in power armour (3 on bikes included) 10 Small Daemons, 7 Terminators, Predator, and a Prince--2000 points exact--thoughts?


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