New Categories and Moderators

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New Categories and Moderators

Post  System Commander on Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:51 pm

Ok, 've got a few new moderators floating aorund for the two leagues now. Paz for the Fluff league, and Adam and Jim for the Tuff league.

I'm not sure exactly what you get with moderator abilities, I'm asusming just the ability to edit, move, and locks posts primarily.

I'll come up with a list of what I'd consider moderator "duties", but they will be pretty light. For the Tuff league, Paz will more or less be a second me in terms of rules questions and keeping an eye on things.

For the Tuff, Adam and Jim will have a few more responsibilities. They'll have to come up with a basic set of rules for how the Tuff league will run and then work as moderators for those forums.

I'll still keep an eye on everything and function as an overseer, but barring any crazy problems of difficulties with the two leagues, I'llprobably just keep my nose of the Tuff league for the most part.

Let me know if you think or need any other categories set-up or if you want anything changed.

As well, if you have any message threads you want moves into the Tuff section, let me kow. I've moved a few of Alex's on his request already
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