Get yer motor runnin'!!!!!

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Get yer motor runnin'!!!!!

Post  ScottRadom on Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:05 pm

Man, what could be more badass than whipping down the highway on your harley with your awesome tat's and leather vest blowin' in the breeze? I know, nothing right?

'Cept of course if you're a 7 foot tall genetically engineered super human whipping all over the road bustin' bitches and sucka's in the head with your karate stick! That's what's more badass!

I've got JUST the thing to relive such an awe inspiring sight on your 40K battlefield! For sale: One new in box, STILL factory sealed Space Marine Chaplain on a bike.

This dude takes no =I=censor=I=. He whips around all day long proving that The Emperror is WAY better than your crappy God. This guy has tattoo's like " =I=censor=I= Khorne" all over his body. You could see them if he wasn't wearing such a badass suit of armor.

I don't know WHAT should excite the potential buyer of this mini more, the pride flowing through your soul as a genuine battle priest of the Emperror gets added to your collection or the thought of all those chaos players SHITTING their pants when the see this guy mount up and take the table across from them. WOW!

This mini can be yours, for the heretically low, low price of 20$. That's peanuts for the amount of retribution this kid will bring to your opponents deployment zone for many league nights to come!

PM me or reply here to lock down this deal. VERY limited quantity of one, so move now or may the Emperror have mercy on your soul.
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