dream tau list

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dream tau list

Post  Guest on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:10 pm

my dream tau list

command squad shas-o 2 body guard 328
1 marker light drone, 2 shield drones fire knife cyclic/airburst

2 command squad same except firestorm and commander has plasma and burst canon 288

elite- 3 stealth suits target array 120 points

155 dumb fish and 6 fire warriors

155 dumb fish and 6 fire warriors

12 kroot 4 hounds 108

180 hammer head disruption pod multi tracker rail gun target lock smart missile system.

180 hammer head (same as above)

2 broad sides one team leader 2 shield drones- 180


the over all plan is to put the broadsides in the center and let the enemy waste, time shooting/assaulting them in the mean time my 2 hammer heads and 2 crisis teams with my stealth team. Then move up the flank pumping out shots, i keep the 2 devil fish in reserve to capture objectives, and i outflank/and or infiltrate the kroot to contest claim or tie up enemy units.
what does everyone think please comment and criticize


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