my tau sept history origin

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my tau sept history origin

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:35 am

the iro-oto tau are a sept of tau that are nearly entirely fire cast. how this happened no one is sure but many think, that it is because as the ever increasing ork threat grew, the earth air and water and etherial caste were withdrawn to a nearby moons. As the other casts left they were replaced with fire cast members from the nearby sept of tash'var. Slowly but surely more and more fire cast came and more and more of the other casts left. eventually the orks assaulted iro-oto but were pushed back by there stout opponents. Raids continued but the main ork assulat shifted from the planet to the moons. the moons of iro-oto evidently destroyed killing the other castes and cutting off trade and contact with the rest of the tau empire. Slowly but surely this sept is dying. With no hope of reinforcements the iro-oto tau fight on waiting for there inevitable doom.

i was just board so i just threw this together please comment/criticize

please why has no one commented


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