Forge World Nurgle Daemons

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Forge World Nurgle Daemons

Post  Administratum on Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:33 pm

Hey guys, i have a copy of the new forge world book, imperial armor 7
There are a few units in there that are nurgle, and i want to make sure that i am on the same page as everyone else. I tried looking this stuff up on every major 40k forum i could think of and came up empty. Maybe one of the veteran daemon players has encountered it? Anyway here is the thing i want to clarify - i want to make sure that there is an understanding or agreement about whether or not certain forge world units benefit from the special rule tally of pestilence. And yea, im being anal in this post, but i am sure people are going to want to argue against it because it could potentially be quite powerful in the tally list. I think its straight foreword, but lets see...

I am going to put the relevant items up as images, so that there are no mistakes in regards to wording.

So tally of pestilence.

So at first this rule would seem fairly straight foreword. The problem with it however, is that i cannot find the words [daemon of nurgle][mark of nurgle] on any of the nurgle daemons descriptions. Ill put up an example here using the great unclean one.

So from what i can see, we are supposed to know what daemons are nurgle from their fluff description in the codex. I mean there is no question to people who know the game, but still a minor oversight when dealing with rules lawyers imo. Please, if this issue is adressed somewhere else in the codex please tell me... and unfortunately it seems that daemons do not have a FAQ yet.

So the question then is whether or not the new nurgle units in the forge world book have access to the tally rule. Here are the relevant pieces out of the book.

So yea, i really dont think that there is any doubt that these are daemons of nurgle, and that they would be subject to the tally rule. I know, people are going to say that blight drones are vehicles, but actually it says right in the description that they are daemons. Both of these units are also available to the daemons list, which i think covers the daemon argument.

Like i said, pretty cut and dry to me. The plague drone however with their blast templates could really get that tally rolling, so i want to make sure this is covered before anyone spends a fortune on the models.

And yes i have considered using these in a mono nurgle list. I have found ways to incorporate both of my forge world daemons into a tally list. I ahve a great unclean on, and a nurgle daemon prince already. Also a bunch of nurgle daemons, so it is one of the possible lists i could do without having to spend mad money... well depending on the plague drones.

Anyway, thanks for reading this small novel if you get to this point.

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Re: Forge World Nurgle Daemons

Post  System Commander on Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:46 am

I'd definitely agree those would all help out the tallyman and benefit from his rule. They left the tallyman description pretty open.. by using the followers of nurgle example.. If it says nurlge, or you know its bnurgle (Unclean one) your in good shape. THe blight drones and Jibberjaw are fine.
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